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lørdag 18. desember 2010

Moose encounter

It's not often we see or encounter moose around where I live, although we often see traces of them. On the way home from downtown by car, we always throw a glance over the fields, for near the edge of the forest deer often graze. What caught my eyes that day were two half-grown moosecalves playing in the middle of the snowcovered field.

I hurried home to retrieve photo equipment and my wife. 5 minutes after we were back and parked by side of the road. The animals seemed to take it easy and the calves were playing and feeding while the cow remained close to the forest 50 to 100 meters away.

The cow must have tought they were too bold, and also some people came along the path in the woods so she called her calves. They obeyed without hesitation and trotted towards their mother.

Some horses in a paddock at the nearest farm caught their interest and the family walked quietly in that direction.

Further info on moose or rather eurasian elk:


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