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søndag 10. april 2011

Bird of the year 2011 - Black-headed Gull

That this noisy gull, seen everywhere, is elected bird of the year 2011 here in Norway may surprise many. The reason is their numbers are going down and they are importent to other spieces.  
Black-headed gull colonies have an important function in the wetlands as "umbrella". The colonies provide protection to other species. Birds as Tufted Ducks, Horned Grebe and different species of wading birds have great advantage of black-headed gull colonies. The gulls decline can in other words have great significance for biodiversity.

Hoover over the colony
The lookout
A drink of cool water

I`m sure you heard this before:
Among the water lilies
A youngster

What we like to see. Securing the aftergrowth.
Resting those wings on drifting ice

Further info on spieces:

Videos and pics by others:

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  1. Hey Steinar!

    Nice blog my friend!

    I wish you lots of success with this one!


  2. These are all delightful, yet my favs are "drink of cool water", as well as the "resting those wings". Very nice post and I certainly hope that their numbers shall improve~

  3. Hello Steinar,
    I like your photos very much. I'm from Poland and also have my own blog about nature around me on blogspot from August 2012. If you want to see my photos there it's link to it